Wellness Program

We are pleased to share that as of today, One Degree Therapy has introduced a new enthusiastic membership program, designed to bring the utmost in convenience and value to all of our clients.

No gotchas… When you join, you pay a monthly $30 membership fee per individual or $45 membership fee per family. You can easily share your sessions with others and we can help you reserve your favorite appointment times for massage for months ahead. In all our endeavors we are focused above all on your well-being and on business practices you can trust. That being said, there are no long-term contracts, unused sessions roll over to next month, and you can opt-out at any time.

It’s good to feel good! Our Wellness Program was created for so many of you who love how you feel after a truly therapeutic massage and are ready to feel that way more of the time with a little help of a regular monthly massage. You asked for convenience and a way to get our best pricing without the up-front expense of a package – the Wellness Program is for you! Prefer buying packages? Join the Wellness Program and save an additional 5% on any package.



    • Extra 30 Minutes added to your 1 hr session

      • You read that correctly. So, if you get 1 massage, it pays for itself. If you book 2 massages, that’s an extra 1 hr of massage added.

      • Don’t want to use the 30 minutes today? Gift to a friend or family member​​​. No transfer fee!

      • Nobody to gift your time to? Don’t worry, it rolls over.

    • 1 Free upgrade per month

      • Paraben Wax, Aromatherapy, Body Scrub, Facial

    • Extra 5% discount on the purchase of any package

      • Save extra on already discounted massage packages

    • ****FREE MASSAGE FOR KIDS under 13

      • This benefit applies to the Family Membership.

      • Any adult listed on the Family Membership can bring a child with him/her to receive a free massage.

      • Childcare available Mon-Sat from 8 am-11 am and Mon-Thurs from 5 pm-8 pm

    • No contract



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